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Top tips for NFPs looking to embrace a cloud-based CRM system

CRM and membership management for NFPs   a practical guide

Over half of UK charities are looking to address their IT strategies this year:  cloud-based CRM software should be considered when adapting to digital

Latest research from Eduserv reveals that 75% of charities in the UK have no IT strategy in place to support digital transformation and so are putting their ability to raise funds, manage members, deliver new services, improve efficiency and control costs at risk.

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And the Network Computing Awards for CRM Product of the Year goes to...Workbooks!

Workbooks Award Logo resized 600 honoured at Network Computing Awards for second consecutive year

We recently attended the 2014 Network Computing Awards at Hotel Russell in London and were honoured to be awarded with ‘CRM Product of the Year’ for a second year running.

20% improved efficiency: Business automation increases profitability

Improving Business Efficiency

If you’re not embracing the benefits of business automation, then you’re missing out.

Have you ever considered how much time it takes your marketing team to collect and allocate leads? Or how long your sales reps spend creating bespoke customer quotes? Can you currently automatically capture customer support enquiries via your website and instantly allocate the case to the correct person or user group within your CRM? What’s more could your month end invoicing run be reduced from a 7 day process to a half an hour job?

By utilising business automation, your sales, marketing, customer support and finance teams could be enjoying 20% improved efficiency.

Web Based CRM for Financial Services: Case Study Collection

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How web based CRM from Workbooks helped three financial services firms overcome specific business challenges to better meet customer expectations.

When it comes to financial services firms we understand that your business model is different to other types of organisations, with needs and requirements as individual as the services you provide.

In a challenging marketplace, you need the right tools – such as web based CRM - at your disposal to keep ahead of the competition and keep up with the expectations of your clients.

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Deploying CRM, one step at a time

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When deploying a CRM system, many organisations enter into the project with unrealistic expectations. In a world of plug and play technology, businesses appear to have forgotten that CRM is simply not a system that you can just switch on. It requires planning, change management and the investment of energy, time and money.


Falling back in love with CRM

ebook 2

Despite the hopes, excitement and expectation, a mixture of naivety and youthful exuberance means the first foray into CRM is unlikely to stand the test of time. Just like your first love. According to a 2013 survey by Merkle Group Inc[i], a business’s first CRM deployment is more likely to fail than succeed - with 63% of CRM initiatives failing.

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Improving User Adoption of your CRM

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Once a CRM system is implemented, the adoption of the system can quickly become a concern and the most common challenge is to overcome initial resistance people may have towards the system, and then to educate and encourage employees to use it. User adoption is important because a CRM system without the user buy-in will have significantly less value to the business. What is the point of investing in a system that nobody uses? Think of all the reasons you spent time and money implementing a CRM system in the first place:


How easy is it to move CRM systems?

Palette of boxes

Google the term ‘CRM failure’ and a stack of articles appear: 10 reasons your CRM fails; Why is my CRM implementation not delivering; CRM from hell…the list continues, but in reality: around 63% of CRM systems do fail[i].

A Nucleus Research survey recently found that 38% of Salesforce customers are planning to move or would consider moving to another product[ii]. Yet how many of these ‘considerations’ actually result in a move?


5 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Is Underperforming

5 reasons why your sales team is underperforming

Learn how CRM systems can help raise sales team performance and customer satisfaction.


Managing Your Sales Funnel – How Does CRM Software Help?

Managing your sales funnel   how does CRM help

When implemented properly, CRM software should improve your sales funnel and conversion rates.

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