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CRM Implementation - the Numbers

CRM implementation   the numbers

Get the lowdown on what CRM projects cost, how long they take and what benefits they deliver.

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Marketing and Sales Alignment - Why Does It Matter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing and sales alignment   why does it matter

By integrating sales and marketing data, both teams can benefit from deeper customer insights - helping everyone become more productive.

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How to Be a Customer Service Superstar [FLIPBOOK]

How to Be a Customer Service Superstar

Many businesses outsource customer service provision as a cost-cutting measure but sadly not all of them ensure that the external agents have access to everything they need to keep the customers happy.

The Cloud is Your Airbag [SLIDESHARE]


According to research carried out at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York, Disaster Recovery (DR) plans are one of the biggest drivers behind the adoption of cloud storage, with 55% of organisations using it because it provides off-site data protection.

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Who is Responsible for Data Quality in Your Organisation? [POLL]

Workbooks Poll

Poll: Who is Responsible for Data Quality in Your Organisation?

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Get Your Data Squeaky Clean – Our Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

get your data squeaky clean

Forresters’ recent "The State of Customer Analytics 2012" report revealed that the vast amount of customer data now available to organisations is making data management, quality control and integration very challenging.

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What is the Greatest Benefit of Using CRM to Increase Data Sharing with Your Sales Team? [POLL]

Workbooks Poll

Poll: What do you think would be the greatest benefit of using CRM to increase data sharing with your sales team?

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Integrate Your Website Strategy with Your CRM

Kick start business transformation   integrate your website strategy with your CRM

Since email and online advertising first developed, the data we can glean from it has advanced way beyond just tracking who clicked on what. By evaluating the buying signals online behaviour reveals, marketing departments can now see which prospects are at the stage where they are just about to become customers, which content triggers buying decisions effectively and the areas where customers get bogged down in the sales process and need some help. Marketing professionals can either pass this information onto the sales team or follow it up themselves to constantly improve users’ online experience and inform company web strategy.

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