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Ensure Your CRM Project Delivers Real Results [INFOGRAPHIC]


Business benefits and ROI on CRM projects are no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a prerequisite so discover how to prove them.

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Membership Management Databases Vs. Workbooks CRM [INFOGRAPHIC]

Membership management databases vs Workbooks CRM revised

Membership management systems just can’t give you what the Workbooks CRM can... we compare the functionality of the two solutions. 

Watch out for Fake Cloud [INFOGRAPHIC]

Watch out for fake cloud infographic

Many providers advertise “Cloud” software solutions which are not quite what they seem. This guide will show you what to look out for when considering Cloud CRM solutions.

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CRM Intelligence: Do You Know What’s Going on in Your Business? [INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC]

CRM intelligence do you know what’s going on in your business

Here are the top 5 ways to leverage your CRM system for business intelligence and service improvement.

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Workbooks Vs. GoldMine: the CRM System Showdown [INFOGRAPHIC]

goldmine v workbooks the crm showdown

What does the Workbooks CRM system offer YOU that GoldMine doesn't?

Get Your Data Squeaky Clean – Our Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

get your data squeaky clean

Forresters’ recent "The State of Customer Analytics 2012" report revealed that the vast amount of customer data now available to organisations is making data management, quality control and integration very challenging.

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CRM: It’s as Easy as A, B, C [INFOGRAPHIC]

CRM its as easy as A, B, C

CRM isn’t difficult if you follow three simple rules. A — Acquire, B — better, and C — Capitalise.

Not Just a Pretty Interface: Why Your CRM Must Be Intuitive [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thumbnail blog

CRM implementations are on the rise, but adoption rates are lagging behind; often, end-users cite ‘the system being hard to use’ as the reason.

Customer Relationship Management - 12 Bizarre Customer Service Queries [INFOGRAPHIC]

12 Bizarre Customer Service Queries

Just one aspect of successful Customer Relationship Management, the customer services desk – or any similar point of contact between business and consumer – is the frontline when it comes to providing a satisfactory level of support away from core services. As with all things CRM-related, it can be a delicate balancing act ensuring all customers are dealt with in a way that reflects well upon the business, even in the face of more "unorthodox" requests.

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