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20% improved efficiency: Business automation increases profitability

Improving Business Efficiency

If you’re not embracing the benefits of business automation, then you’re missing out.

Have you ever considered how much time it takes your marketing team to collect and allocate leads? Or how long your sales reps spend creating bespoke customer quotes? Can you currently automatically capture customer support enquiries via your website and instantly allocate the case to the correct person or user group within your CRM? What’s more could your month end invoicing run be reduced from a 7 day process to a half an hour job?

By utilising business automation, your sales, marketing, customer support and finance teams could be enjoying 20% improved efficiency.

Seven Steps to Heaven: Marketing Automation with a CRM System [INFOGRAPHIC]

Seven steps to heaven marketing automation with a CRM system

Want an easier working day? Better sharing of information, better customer experience management and fewer manual tasks? Leading marketing and advertising agencies are discovering that marketing automation is giving them the power to outflank their competition.

Marketing and Sales Alignment - Why Does It Matter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing and sales alignment   why does it matter

By integrating sales and marketing data, both teams can benefit from deeper customer insights - helping everyone become more productive.

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A Match Made in Heaven: Marry Your CRM and Your Marketing Automation Software [INFOGRAPHIC]

A Match Made in Heaven: Marry Your CRM and Your Marketing Automation Software

Sales and Marketing were named the ‘New Power Couple’ in an Aberdeen Group report. Marketing automation is transforming how marketing teams work. They aren’t just generating, scoring, nurturing and preparing sales-ready leads. They are also now integrating these with CRM to deliver better sales and marketing alignment.

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How to Get Sales and Marketing on the Same Page [SLIDESHARE]

How to Get Sales and Marketing on the Same Page

Sales and marketing should work closely, but sadly, 87% of the terms they use to describe each other are negative. The right CRM can bring their battle to an end!

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Boost Revenue Performance by Integrating Sales and Marketing [SLIDESHARE]

Boost Revenue

Every business owner knows that if sales and marketing worked more closely together, more of the leads generated would be converted. But despite this, most businesses don’t have the two teams’ processes joined-up. They work in silos, not sharing information and not really believing that the other team is doing a good job.

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Integrate Your Website Strategy with Your CRM

Kick start business transformation   integrate your website strategy with your CRM

Since email and online advertising first developed, the data we can glean from it has advanced way beyond just tracking who clicked on what. By evaluating the buying signals online behaviour reveals, marketing departments can now see which prospects are at the stage where they are just about to become customers, which content triggers buying decisions effectively and the areas where customers get bogged down in the sales process and need some help. Marketing professionals can either pass this information onto the sales team or follow it up themselves to constantly improve users’ online experience and inform company web strategy.

Customer Relationship Management - 12 Bizarre Customer Service Queries [INFOGRAPHIC]

12 Bizarre Customer Service Queries

Just one aspect of successful Customer Relationship Management, the customer services desk – or any similar point of contact between business and consumer – is the frontline when it comes to providing a satisfactory level of support away from core services. As with all things CRM-related, it can be a delicate balancing act ensuring all customers are dealt with in a way that reflects well upon the business, even in the face of more "unorthodox" requests.

Sales and Marketing: The Love / Hate Relationship

Love hate relationship

You’d think they’d be the best of buddies considering how interdependent they are, but instead it’s a well-known fact that sales and marketing teams just can’t seem to get along. Sales think marketing are fluffy and misguided about what constitutes a lead, while marketing believe that sales have no clue how to follow up on the leads they are handed. A survey conducted by Marketing Sherpa actually supports the sales teams’ views though, as it found that 80% of marketers don’t spend time qualifying leads before passing them to sales.

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