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A Match Made in Heaven: Marry Your CRM and Your Marketing Automation Software [INFOGRAPHIC]


Sales and Marketing were named the ‘New Power Couple’ in an Aberdeen Group report. Marketing automation is transforming how marketing teams work. They aren’t just generating, scoring, nurturing and preparing sales-ready leads. They are also now integrating these with CRM to deliver better sales and marketing alignment.


A Match Made in Heaven: Marry Your CRM and Your Marketing Automation Software


What is marketing automation?

CRM Buyer goes into more detail here but in brief it’s a software solution that increases the ROI your CRM delivers by automating marketing activities such as:

  • Segmentation
  • Campaign management
  • Data capture and integration
  • Lead scoring and nurturing

Businesses that use marketing automation have been shown to deliver 50% more sales ready leads

Why should it integrate with the CRM system?

Because the 2011 study ‘Lead Generation & Marketing ROI’ revealed that the connection between CRM and marketing automation in delivering and proving ROI is critical. This year the Marketing Sherpa Lead Generation report showed that out of the CMOs surveyed:

  • 52% want to achieve or increase measurable ROI
  • 51% want to optimise the sales and marketing funnel
  • 51% want to gain greater audience insight

The data gathered and shared between your marketing automation solution and your CRM system can enable you to do all of that. That’s why you should integrate.

How can marketing automation integrate with CRM?

  • It can capture data directly from web-forms, and populate new contacts in line with naming conventions and standard fields
  • It can automatically score and allocate leads that are tracked in the CRM system
  • It can capture the source of leads and the associated marketing campaign that generated it, enabling you to keep track of and prove your lead generation activities.

Why should you care?

Because businesses that get sales and marketing aligned and use automated lead nurturing programmes alongside their CRM see 31.6% average year-over-year growth in annual company revenue.

To find out how you could be benefiting, download our eGuide 'Don’t put
it off! Five reasons why you shouldn’t defer your CRM project' now.

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